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Abstract – Systems Engineering, not just for Engineers

Abstract Title: Systems Engineering – not just for Engineers. A presentation asking, answering, and begging the question “Systems Thinking, WTF!? (What’s the Fuss!?),” as... Read More

The Next UX Revolution: Transforming Stodgy Enterprise Applications Into Engaging Experiences

http://uxmag.com/articles/the-next-ux-revolution-transforming-stodgy-enterprise-applications-into-engaging by: Marc Scibelli Three clicks instead of ten. Two steps instead of five. White space. Intuitive icons. Drag and drop.As consumer UX underwent... Read More

Why the best designers don’t specialize in any one thing

I saw this article on wired and had to share. Bravo Josh- couldn’t have said it better myself.   http://www.wired.com/2014/06/why-the-best-designers-dont-specialize-in-any-one-thing/ By Josh Payton |... Read More

Recent Updates – May 2012

I’ve been busy the past few monthes! A few pages currently in development: www.caitlinkinney.com www.megan-kinney.com www.rapunzelsonline.com – Just keeping up with Cathie’s massive amount... Read More

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